Financial Care Team


Financial Care Team

From billing inquiries to special referrals, we supervise you from instalments and negotiations to supporting
and counselling you on the best healthcare plans that will help optimize your wellness benefits.

Financial Care Team

An affordable and complete HealthCare Membership with Direct MD 24/7

Become a member and let us drive you through locating the best doctor, insurance and healthcare systems. Our advocates can also find doctors, specialists, hospitals, dentists and pharmacies, as well as investigate treatments, settle claims and present medical solutions so you can make well-informed decisions.

What we do

Prioritizing health is hard when it comes at a high price that is why we have our financial
care team to help guide you through medical payment and billing options. Whether that is
negotiating your medical bills or finding you the service you need at a lower cost.

  • Disentangle medical bills and insurance claims
  • Find doctors, specialists, hospitals and pharmacies
  • Provide information about generic drug options
  • Simplify benefits and solve inquiries about tests, treatments and medications
  • Coordinate care among various providers
  • Negotiate payment agreements with providers and find alternatives for non-covered services

How to Engage

Unlimited access to bilingual licensed medical providers online or by phone,
24/365 for minor illnesses and injuries at $0 out of pocket cost to members.

Our Member Services Team is available 24/365 to help you get started.

Get in touch at or 1(330)594-8675.


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If you are feeling sick or want to set up your annual physical check-up, or want to speak to a doctor about a
prescription or therapy; connect virtually with a doctor to receive a custom
treatment plan curated just for you.